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We make it easy to register a foreign (existing) LLC at the California Secretary of State - $99


Foreign Qualification for LLC (Limted Liability Company) To Do Business in California

Starting at $99

Qualify a foreign LLC in California. Sometimes called a Certificate of Authority, a Statement and Designation is required. We can register any out of state Limited Liability Company in California with the Secretary of State.

24 hour service available.

  1. Obtain a Certificate of Status Also called a Certificate of Existence or Certificate of Good Standing from your home state. SunDoc can provide this service.
  2. Complete Statement and Designation by Foreign LLC.
  3. Upload or email us the documents and we will promptly file.
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We will obtain a California LLC file number and obtain one uncertified copy of the Statement and Designation by Foreign LLC and a Certificate of Qualification for all foreign Limited Liability Company filings at no extra charge.

Service Options

Name availability check: $30 for first choice plus 2 alternate name choices for no additional charge.

Obtain Required Certificate of Good Standing: we can obtain this from your home state.

California Registered Agent: $169 for one year.

24 Hour Rush: $350 Secretary of State rush fee + $100 state filing fee. Our rush fee is an additional $100.

Routine: $99 plus the California Secretary of State fee of $115 ($100 filing fee + $15 counter fee). This option takes 5 - 7 business days.

Good Standing Certificates: $35 SunDoc service fee included with routine filings. $99 fee included with rush filing.

Multi-state projects: Discounts available - call for details.

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Detailed Instructions to Qualify a Foreign LLC in California

Step 1: Obtain a Certificate of Good Standing from home state or country:

If you have already obtained a Certificate of Good Standing from the company's home state that is less than 6 months old, or are in the process of obtaining one, please skip this step. If you need assistance in obtaining a Certificate of Good Standing from your home state, we can assist you for an additional fee. If the LLC is a non-profit, the Certificate of Existence/Certificate of Good Standing must state the LLC's non profit status or the California Secretary of State will file it as a profit LLC and require additional filing fees.

Note: If the foreign LLC is from outside the United States and the Certificate of Good Standing is in a different language, you will be required to have it translated before you can register the foreign LLC. Please contact the Secretary of State to make sure they will accept your translated Certificate of Good Standing before sending your document for filing. Call them at 916-653-3365.

Step 2: Check name availability:  

A foreign LLC name must be available in California or the LLC will have to conduct business under a DBA, sometimes known as a fictitious business name. Sometimes, adding the home state in front of the name will make it available.

Step 3: Complete, sign & upload your qualification form:

Prepare the California Statement and Designation by Foreign LLC. .

Please note that we provide California registered agent services for $169 per year.  Select that option on your order and we will assist you in designating the registered agent correctly on the Statement and Designation by Foreign LLC.

Step 4: Determine how fast you need your document filed.

24 hour rush - Document must be received by 3 p.m. PST on the day the filing.
Routine - 10-15 business days

Document is filed: Once the document is submitted to the Secretary of State, the State will process your document. You may have to wait several months if you mail in the document.

Document is complete: We will pick up your document and immediately e-mail a copy of the filed document to you. We will return the two certified copies via regular mail. 

Why choose SunDoc Filings? We have filed thousands of foreign Statement and Designations by Foreign LLCs with the California Secretary of State over the years. We personally visit the California Secretary of State's California LLC counter three times a day to drop off and pick up documents. We are very experienced in handling foreign LLC registration in California. Please read what your peers have to say about our services by viewing our testimonials.

In addition to checking name availability, professional LLCs typically have name restrictions depending upon the licensing agency (medical board, dental board, etc.). Many medical and dental LLCs have specific name restrictions/requirements that must be met. Please contact the responsible agency for further information or consult the California Corporations Code. In addition, some states allow certain professional LLC endings that California does not. Please verify that the proposed name will not conflict with the California Corporations Code, or call the California Secretary of State at 916-653-3365 for further information. Unfortunately, SunDoc Filings cannot answer legal questions regarding professional names.

Filing tips for preparing the state form:

a. Read all instructions provided by the Secretary of State.

b. On line 1, type the name of the foreign LLC EXACTLY as it appears on the Certificate of Good Standing, including spaces and punctuation. If the LLC is using another name, type the DBA on line 1 and type the name of the foreign LLC EXACTLY as it appears on the Certificate of Good Standing including spaces and punctuation on line 2. Note: A foreign LLC must use its own name unless its registered name is unavailable for use in California.

c. An agent for service or process is required. An agent for service of process is the person or entity that will accept service of process on behalf of the company if the LLC is ever sued. The agent for service of process must be have a California address. If you do not have a California address or a person that can act as the agent for service of process, you can appoint a registered agent for you for a fee of $169 per year. 

d. Don't forget to type authorized person's title such as Member, Manager or CEO.

e. Type the form. If you must hand write it, please write clearly. If the Secretary of State cannot read it, the document will be rejected and you will have to prepare a new form.