Order Corporate Records For California or Any State

SunDoc Filings can retrieve certified or uncertified records from any state for $39 (plus state fees)

The state places their certification or signature on the verified copy of the original document on file.  The Secretary of State will certify that any corporate or LLC filing is a copy of the original filed document. Let SunDoc Filings take the guesswork out of government bureaucracy.  We can retreive any of the following for you:

  • Formation Documents (Articles)
  • Corporate Records
  • LLC Records
  • LP, GP, LLP Records
  • Annual Reports
  • Amendments


Our service fee includes an email copy followed by regular mail. 

Most Common Reasons for a Certified Copy of Articles

  • Bank loans or credit lines
  • Qualification to do business in another state
  • Replacement of lost original documents
  • Legal evidence/documentation in lawsuits

To Qualify or Register to do Business in Another State

A business must submit a Certificate of Good Standing as well as Certified Formation Documents, in some states.  SunDoc Filings can help you find the qualification guidelines for your entity in the desired state.  We also offer multi-state discounts…call us at 888.595.2747 for details.  

Plain or certified copies are available

Oftentimes, plain copies are all that are needed and usually can be obtained quicker and at a lower cost than certified copies. We can order either plain or certified copies in all states at a reasonable cost. Our Nationwide Network of correspondents provide an efficient and convenient way for you to obtain your documents from a single point of contact.

Let SunDoc Filings take the guesswork out of government bureaucracy.

We can retrieve copies of the following from the Secretary of State office:

  • Amendments
  • Mergers  
  • Dissolutions 
  • Annual Reports 

We can also retrieve a copy of: Amendments to the Articles of Incorporation, Statement and Designation by Foreign Corporation, Certificate of Amendment including name change, Restated Articles, Mergers, Dissolutions, Election to wind up and dissolve and Conversions, or retrieve a copy of a Statement of Information (includes officers and directors in most states). We offer both rush and routine services, depending on the state.