Obtain California Articles of Incorporation / Certificate of Incorporation

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$39 (plus state fees)


SunDoc Filings can retrieve a copy of Articles of Incorporation, Articles of Organization, Application for Registration, LLC Certificate of Amendment, LLC Merger, LLC Dissolution, and LLC Conversion, or retrieve a copy of a Corporate or LLC Statement of Information (Annual Report). 


SunDoc Filings is located in Sacramento, California and the Sacramento Secretary of State office is the only location where copies of filed documents can be obtained. We can retrieve a California Corporation Certificate of Good Standing from the Secretary of State on a routine or rush basis.  We can obtain plain corporate documents or have them certified.  


Our service fee includes an email copy followed by regular mail. 





To retrieve a copy of: Articles of Incorporation, Statement and Designation by Foreign Corporation, Certificate of Amendment including name change, Restated Articles, Mergers, Dissolutions, Election to wind up and dissolve and Conversions or Statement of Information (Annual Report).


THERE ARE NO RUSH OPTIONS in California for copies except for Good Standing Certificates - the state normally takes 5-15 business days (click on order button to view current turnaround times) to process all requests. If you journey to Sacramento, you will not get your documents any faster than if you place an order with our office. Please note that if you mail the request directly to the Secretary of State, your turnaround time will be much longer.


Good Standing Certificates:  Visit our California Good Standing Page for details on our 24 Hour Rush service for Certificate of Good Standings.


Beware of "service companies" that do not submit your requests on a timely fashion.  Many companies will then charge a “rush” fee for the state’s regular service.  We submit all requests the same day if received by 3 p.m. PST.

The SunDoc Filings California Advantage

  • We visit the Secretary of State three times daily
  • All ordes received by 3 p.m. PST are submitted same day
  • No expedite fees for same day submission
  • Most filing companies mail in your requests

NOTE: Service fees are per name. Our state fees include up to 3 pages; if additional pages are on file, there will be an additional fee for copies. 

FAQ’s for California Corporate / Limited Liability Company Records from the Secretary of State


What is a plain copy?
A plain document is just a photocopy of the originally filed document.


What is a certified copy?
A certified copy provided by the Business Programs Division will contain a manually placed certification stamp. The stamp will appear on the back of the final page of the document in the lower right-hand corner. The stamp will contain the date of the document was certified, the signature of the California Secretary of State, the California State Seal. Within the area of the stamp will be the handwritten number of pages being certified and the initials of the deputy certifying the document. 


Why would I need my document certified?
If the document is needed in court, to obtain insurance, open a bank account, and for many other reasons, a certified copy of the document is usually required. We suggest that you check with the requesting agency to clarify whether or not they need certified copies prior to placing your order. Doing this will save you time and money.     

SunDoc Filings provides the above information for general guideline purposes only, it is not intended to replace professional legal, financial or tax advice. Please retain the services of lawyer or accountant to obtain current, complete and accurate information and professional recommendations pertinent to your specific business situation.