Convert Any Business Entity

Change Any Legal Entity Type starting at $149 (plus state fees)

When converting an LLC into a C-Corp or an S-Corp into an LLP, we can provide the form and file your conversion at the Secretary of State Office. Often times the nature of your business changes and it may be advantageous for you to change from one business entity type to another.


Most Common Conversions:

  • ​Changing a corporation into an LLC:  If the nature of the business allows and the owners want less record keeping requirements and structure.

  • Changing an LLC into a Corporation:  Often done to seek outside investors or venture capital.


Why it’s important

To convert a company from one entity type to another requires following the specific procedure required by the company’s state of incorporation. There are tax implications and obligations that need to be considered and it is advised that you first seek advice from an attorney, accountant or tax specialist.


SunDoc Filings role

Our conversion service includes the following:

  • Providing state information for the appropriate process for conversion in the state where your company was formed.
  • Obtaining and preparing the appropriate state forms.
  • Submitting your completed and signed conversion forms to the home state.
  • Emailing you a copy of the filed document and sending the original to you.

Is a conversion right for you?


See our entity comparison table for additional information.


If you change your entity…

Your annual state requirements will change. For example, if you are converting from an LLC to a corporation, you will now be subject to ongoing formalities, such as holding and properly documenting annual meetings of directors and shareholders. Please research and consult an attorney or accountant BEFORE filing your conversion.