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Oklahoma Certificate of Good Standing


Oklahoma Certificate of Good Standing

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Obtaining a Good Standing Certificate or Certificate of Status for any legal entity in Oklahoma is a smooth process with SunDoc Filings. We know your time is valuable, so we make it our priority to expedite your request and our online ordering system is easy to use and secure. Click on the state below to compare time frames and cost with other companies and see why SunDoc Filings is the number one choice.

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How to obtain a Oklahoma Good Standing

If your Oklahoma business is officially registered to do business in the State of Oklahoma, for various legal or business reasons, you may require a document that formally proves this. 


This document is called a Certificate of Good Standing. 


The document is issued by the state, and it is also necessary to have when needing to show that your business is compliant with all applicable state requirements or to show that your business has been dissolved.


In addition, the same status request (a request for a Certificate of Good Standing) is needed if you require information from another business that isn’t yours. In this case, you can order a certified collection of all the recorded filings for any business or entity. For example, you could obtain the original articles of formation, out-of-state registration forms, amendments, conversion, and other documents.


To obtain a Certificate of Good Standing from Oklahoma, you must submit a records order to the Oklahoma Secretary of State’s office. At this point, the state will issue a certificate, which will bear the seal of Oklahoma and the Secretary of State’s authorized signature.


You can locate additional information pertaining to fees and records-request forms here. Go to Oklahoma’s online business search to research records. 


Do you need your Certificate of Good Standing faster than usual — next 2-3 business days? SunDoc would be happy to expedite your request.


When Do You Need A Certificate Of Good Standing?


Part of the legal documentation of your company will be made up by your Certificate of Good Standing. 


There are many reasons to require a Certificate of Good Standing, for example, if you are involved in an acquisition or merger, if you're selling a company, if you're buying a company outright, or if you're applying for a line of credit or loan. Some licensing requirements and tax matters may require a Certificate of Good Standing as well.


In the case of tax matters, remember that you can owe taxes to the state of Oklahoma and still be in good standing, but you cannot be out of compliance with the tax process itself.


Another frequent need for a Certificate of Good Standing is to register to do business in another state (see how SunDoc Filings can help you with foreign qualification). You will have to determine your full documentation requirements, including expirations. Some states for example require certified status to be less than 30 days old, while some allow 60 days.


Certificate Of Good Standing Or Certificate Of Status?


The Certificate of Good Standing goes by different names. For example, you may hear it called a Certificate of Status or a Certificate of Existence.


By any name, in Oklahoma, the document shows that your company hasn't been suspended by the Franchise Tax Board, is in compliance with licensing requirements and corporate rules in the state, and is registered to conduct business in Oklahoma State.


How To Get Your Good Standing Certificate


You can order by mail or in person. The latter must be completed at the Secretary of State’s office.


Mailed requests take 5 to 15 business days. If you need your request rushed, this is also an option in Oklahoma.


Next Steps


SunDoc Filings can handle your Good Standing request, as with all of your company filings. We do this by going in person to the Secretary of State office every day, whereas other companies simply mail in their filings. At the SOS office, we hand-deliver or pick up our documents. We’ll do this with any and all routine filings you may require, saving you valuable time.


To talk to a live voice for immediate assistance call us toll-free during business hours at 1-888-595-2747.

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