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Why incorporate? Will it it be easier to run your small business as a corporation? Read this simple guide to the Top Four Advantages of Incorporating: Protection, Credibility, Access to Capital and Perpetual Existence.


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Like a TV series from pilot to long-running legend, a new business forms and then runs according to script and team process. Here's how the process plays.


Even sitting at desks your employees are still prone to accidents in the workplace - and OSHA says your business always holds liability for employee safety. Take a moment to read these Top 10 Steps towards making your work environment safe.


Articulate the big picture for your 2014 business resolutions, and then audit this picture through the year. And remember, the business resolutions you make for the new year can boost your personal resolutions as well as your business.


Usually corporations and LLC's have to file a Statement of Information (aka Annual Report) with each state they're registered in, once every year or two years - and there's a penalty for filing late. You can file it online, or we can do it for you, in any of the 50 states.


Everything you need to know about registered agents - including good reasons why you may not want to take on this role yourself. In general every filing entity requires a registered agent for every state it does business in...


If you would prefer to form a corporation this article will provide everything you need to know to get started.


Here's everything you need to know to create your own Limited Liability Company (LLC) without an attorney (unless you need additional legal advice).