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The Certificate of Good Standing (also referred to as the Certificate of Status or Certificate of Existence) is an official document issued by the Nevada Secretary of State that certifies that the legal entity is registered with the State and is in compliance with state requirements. Upon submittal, the SOS will grant a Certificate of Good Standing to any domestic or foreign profit or nonprofit business entity that was duly registered or formed within the State. Also known as a Nevada Certificate of Existence, a Certificate of Status or a Certificate of Authority, the Good Standing Certificate is a one page document that bears the seal of the Nevada Secretary of State or another state agency if the Secretary of State is not the issuing authority. 



To foreign qualify a Nevada corporation or LLC may require a Good Standing Certificate (Certificate of Existence) to qualify as a "Foreign Corporation" in a state other than the home state of Nevada.  Any entity is considered “Foreign” to another state and must apply for the Authority to do business in another state.  To do so, each state has different qualification guidelines, most of which include a Good Standing Certificate from the home state.


A Good Standing certificate may be required when applying for a business loan or line of credit. Certain industries with licensing requirements may also ask for good standing certification.


Certificates of Existence (Short vs Long Forms)

Short Form Good Standing- certificate of good standing states when an entity was formed, current name on record with the Secretary of State, date certificate was issued, and current status of entity.  This can be obtained for: corporations, LLC, LP, LLP, Non-Profit, Professional Corporation, Close Corporation, Business Trust, or foreign qualifications.

Long Form Good Standing- Certificate of good standing that also lists any and all amendments on for the entity.  It will also include everything above and can be issued for corporations, LLC, LP, LLP, Non-Profit, Professional Corporation, Close Corporation, Business Trust, or foreign qualifications.



SunDoc Filings can handle your Good Standing request, as with all of your company filings. The Good Standing Certificate will be email once obtained. Nevada Secretary of State offers electronic Good Standing Certificate. No hard copy will follow in the mail. 



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