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With our Rush Service, we can email you the filed copy the next business day. Documents must be received by 3 p.m.  PST on the day of the filing. Please note, if your filing is rejected, the state will not refund the rush fee. If you do not receive our email confirmation within one hour during normal business hours, please call us at 888-595-2747 to confirm your order.


Your filing is now on its way!  If we receive your California Limited  Partnership Agreement by 3 p.m. M-F, your filing will be submitted the same day it was received. The date submitted will become the file date of your new entity. The Secretary of State office will take 7-10 business days to process routine orders. Keep in mind that if you mail in the documents to the state yourself, like many filing services do, you will have to wait SEVERAL WEEKS.


Once the state approves your documents, they will issue a state entity number and one uncertified copy. If you need a certified copy, please add it to your order. We will immediately fax or email the filed document to you. We will return the copy via regular mail.


California Corporate Kit:  Our Corporate Kits include a custom binder, seal embosser, bylaws and meeting minutes, 20 Stock certificates, and more. You can order the California Corporate Kit at the same time of filing or if you prefer, you can place the order individually at our Corporate Kit order page.


The SunDoc Filings California Advantage


  • We visit the Secretary of State three times daily
  • All filings received by 3 p.m. PST are submitted same day
  • No expedite fee for same day submission
  • Most filings companies mail in your filings

Common Reasons for Rejection


Signature Structure

If the general partner is an entity/association, the person who sings for the entity/association should state the exact name of the entity/association, his/her name and his/her position/title. Example: John Dawson, Vice-President of ABC LLC, Manger of ABC Inc.


Limited Partnership Definition


A limited Partnership is a type of business entity where there are one or more general partners and one or more limited partners. The general partners are responsible for the operation and management, as well as possess unlimited liability for the debts and obligations of the partnership. General partners are admitted by unanimous written consent. The limited partners are the passive investors and are similar to shareholders of a corporation. For limited partners the liability is limited to the amount he or she invests in the partnership; provided they have no active role in the management of the LP.


A certificate of limited partnership is a required filing; depending on the state the certificate may be under a different name. The name chosen for an LP must include “Limited Partnership” or “L.P.” in the name and be available for use in the state the LP is filed in. The partners of an LP can also form a limited partnership agreement, which outlines the principle aspects of the business relationships.


Items of credits and deductions, income or loss are reported to the IRS on the form 1065. Partners must provide to each other Schedule K-1s which displays each partner's distributive share of the partnership's credit or deduction, income or loss. These items are reported on the partner's personal income tax returns and the partners will pay at the individual tax rate.


**NOTE: The name availability check or reservation of a name does not guarantee the name meets all federal and state requirements related to a specific entity type. Names are reviewed for compliance by the Secretary of State's office when the documents are submitted for filing.