Illinois Certificate of Good Standing


Illinois Certificate of Good Standing

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When the Illinois Secretary of State issues a Good Standing Certificate (also called Certificate of Existence), the SOS is certifying that a business is “in existence,” is in compliance with all Illinois state requirements, and so can legally operate and transact business in the state. The “Good Standing” document may be required for a variety of purposes, including lines of credit, loan documents, or expansion into other states.


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Rush: 2-3 hours      $65 (plus state fees)


Routine: Next business day   $39 (plus state fees)


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When is a business entity in Good Standing?:

  • It must be properly registered with the State, either as a domestic or foreign entity
  • It has filed all annual reports required by the State of Illinois
  • All Illinois-mandated fees and taxes have been paid.


You can request other state documents, including amendments and annual reports by going to our SunDoc Certified Docs page.

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To Qualify an Illinois Corporation in Another State:


If an Illinois business wants to expand into other states, it will generally have to qualify as a “foreign” corporation. Most states require a corporation or LLC qualified in another state to “foreign qualify” in order to do business. Part of that foreign qualification process is submitting an Illinois Certificate of Good Standing. Please remember that qualification requirements and guidelines vary state by state, but most states do require a Good Standing Certification from the entity’s home state. SunDoc offers assistance to companies in all 50 states: our qualification page offers more information about the documents and processes.


The format of good standing forms varies from state to states. Some offer a short form and a long form, for instance, and state terms for a “Good Standing Certificate” vary. Other states may use the following terms, but the information provided on the form is the same as the Illinois Certificate:

  •    Letter of Good Standing
  •    Certificate of Fact
  •    Certificate of Authorization
  •    Certificate of Existence
  •    Certificate of Authority


Good Standing Certificate Types in Illinois

The Illinois Secretary of State issues two types of certificates.  They are given based upon your entity type.  Corporations and LLCs are given Certificates of Good Standing whereas LP/LLP/LLLPs are given Certificates of Existence.  They both mean the same thing and are both considered a true and correct document from the Secretary of State.



Certificate of Good Standing - State of Illinois Information


SunDoc offers prompt and reliable service. Once we receive your document from the SOS, we scan it, email you a copy, and send you the original document if you request it.  Originals are sent via the USPS. Please note that delivery times refer to business days. Please pay close attention to weekends and state holidays when state offices may be closed.


A Good Standing Certificate: Who Needs One?   

  • If you want to register your business in another state.
  • Entities in certain industries may need a Certificate to meet licensing requirements. 
  • As part of a business loan package or line of credit request. 
  • If a business entity wants to qualify to do business in another state. 


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Good Standing Definition
The Illinois Good Standing Certificate (also known as a Certificate of Existence or Certificate of Good Standing) is issued by the IL Secretary of State to certify specific facts about a business entity:
  • The entity is duly registered with the State of Illinois.
  • The entity complies with Illinois state business requirements for profit or nonprofit entities. 


​The certificate is also called a Certificate of Status, and Illinois Certificate of Authority, or a Certificate of Existence. It’s a one-page document bearing the seal of either the Secretary of State of Illinois or other state agency that was the initial issuing authority. Most Certificates of Good Standing issued by Illinois are valid for up to 3 months.

Business Entity Requirements:
  • ​The entity must be registered to operate legally in the State of Illinois 
  • The entity is required to be in good standing and in compliance with all state regulations.
  • The entity cannot have been suspended for any reason. 


SunDoc Can Obtain Certificates for the Following Types of Entities in Illinois:
  • Corporations
  • Limited Liability Partnerships - LLPs
  • Partnerships & General Partnerships 
  • Limited Liability Companies - LLCs

Other States May Use The Following Terms For Certificates of Good Standing:

  • Certificate of Good Standing
  • Certificate of Authorization
  • Certificate of Authority
  • Certificate of Existence
  • Letter of Fact