California Statement of Information: Filing Requirements

In California a business’s annual report is called the Statement of Information. It's a required filing that keeps the state updated with information about participants in the company. It must be filed on time, and the penalty for being late is hefty: $250, versus the filing fee of up to $25.




Corporations must file with the California Secretary of State every year, and Limited Liability Companies (LLC) and certain other organizations every two years. Newly formed or registered companies must file their first Statement of Information within 90 days of forming or first registering their company with the state.


Thereafter, the annual or biennial due date is the last day of the calendar month in which you formed or registered your business entity. The filing period is a six-month window. You can file anytime within that month or in the five calendar months preceding that month.


If you file an early Statement of Information, in the six or eighteen months before your routine filing period, there is no filing fee.




The Statement of Information must be filed by companies from other states (foreign) that register to do business in California as well as California companies (domestic). Companies are required to file the Statement of Information regardless of if they've actively conducted business or not.




The Statement of Information contains information regarding the registered agent for the company, the principal officers and incumbent directors, along with other details of the organization. There is a separate amendment process to change the name and some other details of your company, but you must use a Statement of Information to change your registered agent. If the State of California wants to serve you with legal notification, it will use the latest Statement of Information records to know where to find your registered agent.




Receipt of the filing by the Secretary's office constitutes filing, and if sent by mail, certified mail with a return receipt request is recommended if you require proof of submittal. You can also file online directly through the California Secretary of State website. You can find all necessary forms and instructions to file it yourself here.


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