Washington Certificate of Good Standing


Washington Certificate of Good Standing

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The Washington Good Standing Certificate or Washington Certificate of Existence is a document issued by the Secretary of State. You may need a Washington Good Standing Certificate for business or tax purposes, and it is often a necessary document for loan applications and business license renewals as well. Once you have a Washington Certificate of Good Standing, this document will certify that your Washington business exists and that it can legally transact business in the state while complying with all necessary state requirements. In the end, this ensures that your business is in "Good Standing" in the eyes of the state.


Our service fee includes an email copy followed by regular mail. 



Rush: 2-3 Hours  $65 (plus state fees)


Routine: Next Business Day  $39 (plus state fees)

Request must be received by 2 p.m. PST.  Fee includes an email copy of the cerificate.




Requirements for your entity to be in Good Standing:

  • Registered with the State as a domestic or foreign entity
  • Filed all annual reports as required by the State
  • Paid all State mandated fees and taxes


In order to obtain various other state documents like amendments and articles, simply go to our Certified Docs page.

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To Qualify a Washington Company in Another State:


Are you hoping to foreign qualify a Washington corporation or LLC? You may require a Washington Certificate of Existence (Good Standing Certificate) in order to do this. That’s because in any other state that is not your home state, your entity will be considered “Foreign,” and when you are considered a “Foreign Corporation,” you must apply for the Authority to do business in that state. The process is different in every state. Each government has different qualification guidelines. But one common thread is that most states will require a Good Standing Certificate from your home state. At SunDoc Filings, we can certainly help you meet the guidelines for any state. Go to our qualification page to learn more.


It’s also important to note that certain states may require both a long and short form good standing. And in some cases, other state governments will refer to a Good Standing Certificate or Certificate of Existence with a different term:

  •    Certificate of Authorization
  •    Certificate of Authority
  •    Letter of Good Standing
  •    Certificate of Fact


Certificate of Formation/Status/Existence

The Washington Secretary of State issues certificates through their Corporations Division. The one certificate is a combination certificate that can be used for a wide variety of needs. It combines all information from the formation information, the status of the company, and the important existence information for entities that file different paperwork.



Information about the Certificate of Good Standing




We will scan your document and send you a copy by email as soon as the SOS office returns it to us. Where appropriate, we will then send the original via USPS. At SunDoc Filings, our delivery times do not include state holidays when state offices are closed, nor do they include weekends.


Reasons for obtaining a Good Standing Certificate:  

  • For certain industries’ licensing requirements
  • For obtaining a line of credit or loan
  • When registering to conduct business in a “foreign” state
  • For qualifying your entity in a “foreign” state
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The Certificate of Good Standing is also often called the Certificate of Existence, the Certificate of Authority, or the Certificate of Status, among other names. This is a one-page document that is issued by the Secretary of State. It bears the SOS seal (or the seal of another state agency when the issuing authority is not the SOS).
The purpose of the Certificate of Good Standing is to certify that a legal entity is currently in compliance with state requirements and is legally registered with the state of Washington. The SOS will grant this document to any entity that has been duly registered or formed within Washington. This goes for for-profit and nonprofit businesses and foreign and domestic businesses.
Entity Requirements:
• Must be registered to do business in Washington 
• Must be in good standing with the state regulations and not suspended for any reason 
We can obtain a Washington Good Standing Certificates for the following entities:
• Limited Liability Company 
• Limited Partnership/ General Partnership
• Limited Liability Partnership 
• Corporation
Other State Nomenclature:
• Certificate of Fact
• Certificate of Authority
• Certificate of Existence
• Certificate of Authorization
• Letter of Good Standing