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What types of corporations are available for a business to incorporate? Check here for the differences between C Corp, S Corp, Professional and Nonprofit corporations.


As a start in choosing the right kind of business entity for you, we looked at types of corporation in part 1. Now let's review LLCs, Sole Proprietorships and General Partnerships.


What type of legal business entity should you choose for your company? The answer is: it depends. You have to weigh the pros and cons of each entity and match them to your situation. Here are some of those pros and cons.

11/27/2013 that business idea into a real business by forming your own corporation or LLC - and here are some startup tools and services that can help.


S Corporations and LLC’s are similar in many ways, but there are differences that can affect your business. In order to make the best incorporation decision it helps to be well-informed of the pros and cons of both business types.


Please note that the new state forms and copy request fees and procedures have changed.