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When starting a business, the last thing you need is to discover that the business name you've chosen is already in use. Here's how to check if your business name is available.


How to change your LLC company name? In California or any other state? Here are the steps to take and the documents you may need to file...


Corporate resolutions are the record of decisions made by a company, the paper trail of its thinking. Here's why you should take them seriously, and how to keep them updated.


There are several important reasons a business entity might require a Certificate of Good Standing to be issued by a state. Here's what Good Standing means, what it's good for, and how to get the Certificate.


You form an LLC using Articles of Organization and an Operating Agreement (as opposed to forming a corporation with Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws).


What is a Certificate of Authority? Also known as Foreign Qualification, this is obtained from - and legally required by - each state outside of your state of formation where you conduct business (according to various criteria). Learn how to get foreign qualified for any state here...


DBA stands for "Doing Business As" and it's a registration offering advantages to sole proprietorships and general partnerships, but it can also be used by any business entity, often for specific marketing campaigns. Learn all about the useful DBA here...


Overview of the three types of partnerships, General Partnership, Limited Partnership and Limited Liability Partnership, with advantages and disadvantages of each.


The single member LLC can be a tricky business entity to get right in terms of the liability protection and tax treatment you expect. The operating agreement is an important key to having your single member LLC work for you.


Limited Liability Companies, LLC's, can offer additional advantages over a corporation structure - here are the Top 5 LLC Advantages.