Types of Business


Licensed professionals are often required by their state to use a different entity for their business structure, either the Professional Corporation or the Professional Limited Liability Company - the PC and the PLLC. Here's what's involved...


The Limited Liability Partnership is the business entity that protects the other partners from the individual liability of any one of the partners.


How does your new startup company choose what type of business entity to use? Here's our definitive guide to all of them - Sole Proprietorship, DBA, LLC, Corporation, Partnership - to help you choose the one that's right for you!


Of the 3 typical partnerships in business (General, Limited and Limited Liability) the Limited Partnership is more specific about who owns - and owes - what. Here's everything you need to know about Limited Partnerships.


How easy is it to form a General Partnership? Is this what you want for your business? What are the pros and cons? Read our guide to the General Partnership here.


How to choose in the C Corporation vs S Corporation contest? Which is better for your company? Check the 6 Main Factors in this quick view.


Here's a snapshot view that nails down the essential differences between an LLC and an S Corp, to help you decide which one is better for your business.