Filing Documents


Anyone who is lucky enough to be struck by a profound, world changing idea that they believe will shake the very foundation of modern society should consider opening a business. After the initial epiphany settles into a marketable idea then comes...


It’s easier than you think to change the provisions of your California entity’s Articles of Incorporation. At SunDoc Filings, we typically help to change the company name, but there are other changes possible, from changing the quantity or type of shares to the stated purpose of the entity.


There are many reasons why legal entity business owners decide, or are forced to close their company. Whatever the reasons for dissolving the business, there are certain legal tasks needed to undertake to protect yourself, your credit, and your reputation. ...


Typically your business is required to have a registered agent as the formal contact point to receive legal and official communications. You don't want to risk not having one. Here's how it works.


Here's how to get a Certificate of Authority - the "foreign qualification" required by the State of California if your company is registered in another state and wants to do business in California.


If you're making a lot of changes to your corporate details, you may want to write out an entire new version of your articles from scratch and file a Restated Articles of Incorporation form with the Secretary of State. Here's how.


To change the name of a California corporation, or any other formation details, you need to file a Certificate of Amendment of the Articles of Incorporation. Here's a sample Certificate of Amendment form and tips for filling it out.


How to change your LLC company name? In California or any other state? Here are the steps to take and the documents you may need to file...


Corporate resolutions are the record of decisions made by a company, the paper trail of its thinking. Here's why you should take them seriously, and how to keep them updated.


There are several important reasons a business entity might require a Certificate of Good Standing to be issued by a state. Here's what Good Standing means, what it's good for, and how to get the Certificate.