The law requires your business to retain certain employee and customer records, but also to protect consumers and their personal information. The Fair Credit Reporting Act and the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act (FACTA), call you to store, and then later completely...


Maintaining your corporation requires attention to its minute book. Keep it up-to-date to remain compliant with the law. The company’s minute book is where all your company’s important paperwork such as state filing documents and company meeting minutes are kept.


Here are the forms required to create a corporation in California, along with an item-by-item guide to filling out the forms.


Download the Articles of Organization Form LLC-1 here, to form an LLC ( Limited Liability Company) in California. And here's our item-by-item guide to filling out the form.


There are several important reasons a business entity might require a Certificate of Good Standing to be issued by a state. Here's what Good Standing means, what it's good for, and how to get the Certificate.


You form an LLC using Articles of Organization and an Operating Agreement (as opposed to forming a corporation with Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws).


The single member LLC can be a tricky business entity to get right in terms of the liability protection and tax treatment you expect. The operating agreement is an important key to having your single member LLC work for you.


Limited Liability Companies, LLC's, can offer additional advantages over a corporation structure - here are the Top 5 LLC Advantages.


Why incorporate? Will it it be easier to run your small business as a corporation? Read this simple guide to the Top Four Advantages of Incorporating: Protection, Credibility, Access to Capital and Perpetual Existence.


Articulate the big picture for your 2014 business resolutions, and then audit this picture through the year. And remember, the business resolutions you make for the new year can boost your personal resolutions as well as your business.