Running A Small Business


Anyone who is lucky enough to be struck by a profound, world changing idea that they believe will shake the very foundation of modern society should consider opening a business. After the initial epiphany settles into a marketable idea then comes...


The law requires your business to retain certain employee and customer records, but also to protect consumers and their personal information. The Fair Credit Reporting Act and the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act (FACTA), call you to store, and then later completely...


Maintaining your corporation requires attention to its minute book. Keep it up-to-date to remain compliant with the law. The company’s minute book is where all your company’s important paperwork such as state filing documents and company meeting minutes are kept.


To change the name of a California corporation, or any other formation details, you need to file a Certificate of Amendment of the Articles of Incorporation. Here's a sample Certificate of Amendment form and tips for filling it out.


How to change your LLC company name? In California or any other state? Here are the steps to take and the documents you may need to file...


DBA stands for "Doing Business As" and it's a registration offering advantages to sole proprietorships and general partnerships, but it can also be used by any business entity, often for specific marketing campaigns. Learn all about the useful DBA here...


Articulate the big picture for your 2014 business resolutions, and then audit this picture through the year. And remember, the business resolutions you make for the new year can boost your personal resolutions as well as your business.


Everything you need to know about registered agents - including good reasons why you may not want to take on this role yourself. In general every filing entity requires a registered agent for every state it does business in...