SunDoc Filings' Peace of Mind Guarantee

SunDoc Filings strives for complete customer satisfaction. If you are not completely satisfied with our service, please contact us immediately so we can do our best to correct the issue, provide a refund if we are at fault or offer credit for future orders.


“Peace of Mind” Guarantee Details


1.       We want all customers to be 100% satisfied.  If we are at fault, we will refund you our service fees.  We cannot, however, refund any agency fees, taxes or other costs incurred in the processing of your order.


2.       Because we file and search through governmental agencies, we cannot guarantee the results, outcome of your order or time delays caused by agencies. Therefore, our guarantee only covers issues caused by SunDoc Filings.


3.       If you cancel your order before we process or submit to an agency, SunDoc Filings will refund the total amount.  After submittal, we will use our discretion to determine what portion, if any, we can refund.