About SunDoc Filings

California Roots, Nationwide Reach

Since 1999 SunDoc Filings has been providing nationwide public record filing, search and retrieval services from our main office in Sacramento, the state capital of California. We are located just minutes from the Capitol building, which puts us in close physical proximity to the office of the California Secretary of State and facilitates the speedy filing and retrieval of documents. This is of tremendous benefit to SunDoc customers, because other filing companies, even those in California, often rely on the US Postal Service to file and retrieve documents. In contrast, our document runners often make 3 trips a day to the Secretary of State’s office.



Professionals and Entrepreneurs Welcome

SunDoc Filings is a unique online document company because we serve both professional companies (in the legal and financial industries) and entrepreneurs interested in forming a corporation or limited liability company. We offer our customers the best of both worlds: the speed and convenience of a great website, with traditional human attention to detail and excellent customer service if you need it. We can prepare and file your documents, or you can prepare your own, and we’ll file them for you. You’ll appreciate our competence, flexibility and competitive pricing.


Many attorneys, escrow companies, and CPAs rely on SunDoc for all their document filing and retrieval. Since we understand professional needs, our website allows for uploading your own documents without filling out a form (that’s our Pro Package). Personal service is delivered happily: you can talk to a knowledgeable SunDoc service advisor who will take responsibility for filing your documents ASAP. You can also count on our comprehensive document search and retrieval for state UCC and local Tax Lien and Judgment searches, and much more.


Whether you’re starting or running a business in California or anywhere else in the US, SunDoc is a smart choice for your business formation and document needs. We’ve helped thousands of new businesses get off the ground. Great website plus great customer service equals zero frustration. You can form a business in any of the 50 US states online, and we’re standing by to help if you need it. Our staff offers valuable expertise on forming or registering a company, and their assistance is included in our prices. Don’t hesitate to call.



Our Peace of Mind Guarantee

Total customer satisfaction is our goal at SunDoc Filings. If you’re not happy with our service, please contact us immediately so we can make it right. We’ll either correct the issue, provide a refund if we’re at fault, or offer credit for future orders. Here are the details of our Peace of Mind Guarantee:


1. We want all customers to be 100% satisfied. If we are at fault, we will refund you our service fees. We cannot, however, refund any agency fees, taxes or other costs incurred in the processing of your order.


2. Because we file and search through governmental agencies, we cannot guarantee the results, outcome of your order or time delays caused by those agencies. Therefore, our guarantee only covers issues caused by SunDoc Filings.


3. If you cancel your order before we process or submit to an agency, SunDoc Filings will refund the total amount. After submittal, we will use our discretion to determine what portion, if any, we can refund.



Thank you for considering SunDoc Filings for your document filing and retrieval needs. Please try us out, you won’t be disappointed. Call 888-595-2747 to get started.