Incorporate in Pennsylvania - Same Day Filing


Incorporate in Pennsylvania - Same Day Filing

Incorporate in 3 Simple Steps
Filing Packages Start at $79 (plus state fees)
SunDoc Filings makes it fast and easy to file a Pennsylvania corporation. To form a corporation in Pennsylvania, you must file the Pennsylvania Articles of Incorporation with the Secretary of the Commonwealth. We can act as your liaison with the state to help reduce the chance of costly errors or delays. You can incorporate online with the option of uploading your own completed Articles of Incorporation.


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Step 1: Check Name Availability

Choose 3 corporate names in order of your preference. We will check for availability.

Step 2: Prepare or Upload your Articles

Allow our online form to walk you through all of the required information.

Step 3: Specify Service Level and Service Options

Feel free to choose from the a la carte options, or you can simply choose the appropriate filing package.


Rush order processing time: 1 Week

Routine order processing time: 4 Weeks


During normal business hours, you’ll receive an email confirmation within 1 hour.



Your filing is now on its way!

Your corporation will be submitted and could even be active same day, if we receive your Pennsylvania Articles of Incorporation by 12 p.m. PST Monday through Friday. Keep in mind that this means your company will have the file date as a submission date. Remember: If you do as many filing services do and mail the document to the state, it may take several additional weeks for proof of filing.


Your Post-Filing Responsibilities 

  • EIN (Employer Identification Number):  If you’d like, add this to your order and we will obtain your EIN for your new company within 24-48 hours.
  • Pennsylvania Corporate Kit: The Pennsylvania Corporate Kits include a seal embosser, a custom binder, 20 Stock certificates, bylaws and meeting minutes, and more. Place a kit order individually at our Corporate Kit order page, or order one at the time you file.

Add these optional services to your order at the time of filing:

  • Additional Certified Copy of Articles: These may be necessary down the line for loans, banks, or professional licensing requirements.
  • Certificate of Good Standing: If you plan to register or qualify in other states, you might need additional copies of the certificate of good standing.


What Sets SunDoc Filings Apart


  • We’ve been filing thousands of documents since 1999.
  • Other filing companies will mail in your filings, which will delay your corporation’s formation.
  • We submit all filings received by 12 p.m. PST on the same day.


Formation Guidelines for Pennsylvania Corporations



The corporate name must contain the word "association," "fund," "syndicate," "corporation," "corp.," "company," "co.," "incorporated," "inc.,"  'limited," or "ltd". or words or abbreviations of like import in languages other than English.  A corporate name found to be available may be reserved with the Secretary of State for a 120 day period for a filing fee of a $70.



It is acceptable to state either alone or with a specific purpose clause, “The purpose of the corporation is to engage in all lawful business for which corporations may be incorporated under the Business Corporation Law of 1988.”  If not listed in the articles, the Docketing Statement must contain a very specific purpose clause.



There is no minimum or maximum number of authorized shares since state incorporation fees are not based on the share structure. There is no minimum amount of paid in capital required to commence business.



Preemptive rights are denied in absence of a specific grant. Cumulative voting is automatically granted unless specifically denied.



The corporation must maintain a registered office to receive service of process in Pennsylvania.



The minimum number of directors is one (1). Minimum number of incorporators is one (1) (a natural person of full age or a corporation) and there is no requirement that the incorporator be a resident of Pennsylvania.



Submit to the Corporation Bureau two (2) executed copies of the Articles of Incorporation and three (3) unsigned copies of the Docketing Statement (official form).


Please Note: The incorporator(s) or the corporation is required to advertise their intention to file or the filing of the Articles of Incorporation.


Publication is required

Proof of publication does not need to be submitted to the Department of State but should be kept with the Corporate records. In Dauphin County the advertising costs are estimated to be $100 - $130.


FAQs about Pennsylvania Corporations

How do I form a Pennsylvania Corporation?


We will start forming your Pennsylvania corporation by checking for name availability. You pick three names that you prefer, and we will check with the Pennsylvania Secretary of State to see if they’re available. Next, we will prepare your error-free Articles of Incorporation. We will file these Articles of Incorporation with the Secretary of State of Pennsylvania, and when they file them, your corporation will be formed. We will then return the file document to you.


What are the benefits of forming a Pennsylvania corporation?


Numerous advantages come along with forming a Pennsylvania corporation.

First, once you own your Pennsylvania corporation, it is much easier to transfer it than with other business entities. Additionally, shares of stock to third parties can be sold without restriction and without obtaining consent from the corporation itself.

Next and likely most importantly, there’s the “corporate veil” protection that comes along with a Pennsylvania corporation. This offers limited liability to shareholders or owners. It means that shareholders are not personally liable for obligations or debts of the corporation. The only way that a shareholder can lose money is if they invest in the corporation by purchasing stock.

Furthermore, Pennsylvania corporations have continuous existence, which means that even if a shareholder retires or dies, the company will not cease to exist. Lastly, corporations have a much easier time when it comes to creating stock option plans, forming retirement funds and pensions, profit-sharing, and setting up insurance.


How do I obtain a Tax Payer ID Number or an EIN or Employer Identification number for my Pennsylvania Corporation?


We have numerous supporting services available once we form your Pennsylvania corporation on your behalf. One of these services is to obtain an employer identification number or EIN. These numbers are needed when you want to hire employees, open a bank account, start lines of credit for your corporation, or conclude other business dealings. Keep in mind that with our Pennsylvania premium package, EIN obtainment will be included.


How do I form a Pennsylvania S Corporation?


Your Pennsylvania S corporation will begin as what is called a C corporation or stock corporation. You have to file for subchapter S status with the Internal Revenue Service if you want to obtain or form a Pennsylvania S corporation. When you form a Pennsylvania S Corporation, this simply means that you will be taxed like an LLC or partnership with a pass-through structure of tax. You’ll want to check with your accountant or with the IRS directly to learn about limitations. You can also read more about Pennsylvania C corporations below.

When you obtain a S Corporation status in the state of Pennsylvania,  your corporation will generally not need to file a tax return because double taxation will be eliminated. When shareholders of your Pennsylvania S corporation file their own tax returns, they’ll need to include their share of the corporation’s separately stated items of income, deduction, loss, and credit as well as their share of non-separately stated income or loss. 


What are the benefits of a C Corporation in Pennsylvania?


Pennsylvania C corporations are double taxed because both individual owners and the corporate entity will need to file annual returns. Most people will form Pennsylvania C corporations when they plan to publicly trade stock from the corporation.

Keep in mind that Pennsylvania S corporations can’t have more than 75 shareholders. If you choose to stay with a Pennsylvania C corporation, you’ll be able to have 76 shareholders or more. Pennsylvania C corporations are able to have multiple classes of stock like common shares and preferred stock shares.

Remember also that Pennsylvania S corporations can only be owned by registered legal aliens and U.S. citizens. They are limited to no more no more than 75 shareholders and can only issue one type of stock.


How do I obtain or prepare corporate bylaws for a Pennsylvania Corporation?


By purchasing SunDoc Filings’ premium package, we will prepare the initial bylaws in standard language as well as meeting minutes in MS Word format that can be prepared as needed.


What are the corporate bylaws? Why are they so essential for my Pennsylvania corporation?


You will need corporate bylaws as they will serve as your Pennsylvania corporation’s “blueprint.” They will contain the privileges, rights, and powers of the directors, shareholders, and officers. In addition, most Pennsylvania bylaws will include the exact number of directors plus their names. It will also contain the names of the corporation’s officers for each of the following titles: Chief Financial Officer (CFO) or Treasurer, Secretary, Vice President, and President.

Most all Pennsylvania bylaws will also reference an alphabetical list of shareholders that includes each of their:

• Names

• Addresses

• Titles held

• Amount of shares owned

Finally, another essential part of your Pennsylvania corporation’s bylaws are the “rules” that govern your corporation. These rules will outline how your corporation can issue stock certificates to its shareholders, write checks, obtain business credit, open a bank account, enter into contracts, and take out loans. 



What is a Pennsylvania corporate seal?


A corporate seal is a handheld device that many lending institutions and banks require that corporations have. Once your bylaws have been prepared, you’ll need to have one of these seals for use on business documents and loan papers. The seal features the corporation’s name, the date the corporation was formed, and the state of formation. Our Pennsylvania corporation kit includes a handheld corporate seal embosser.


What is a Pennsylvania corporate kit?


SunDoc Filings offers a Pennsylvania corporate kit, you can order an Pennsylvania corporate kit by placing the order individually at our Corporate/LLC Kit order page if you’ve already formed your corporation. We have numerous colors and styles available.

A Pennsylvania corporate kit is a hardbound binder that is meant to be utilized for storing your important documents like your Pennsylvania Articles of Incorporation and your corporation’s bylaws. All of the kits that we sell have your corporation’s name professionally imprinted or hot stamped into the spine. Most of our kits also come with a slip case that will keep your binder safe. Some kits have the slip case built-in. This is a feature you can choose.

In addition to the binder and the safety slip case, your corporate kit will also include 20 custom stock certificates. Each one of these stock certificates will include your Pennsylvania corporation’s name, the par value the corporation is authorized to issue, the amount of shares, and the names of the president and secretary below each signature line.

Operating Your Pennsylvania Corporation


Once you have formed your Pennsylvania Corporation, obtained from the IRS your EIN, decided between an S Corporation status or a C Corporation status, prepared your corporation’s bylaws, issued shares of stock, and used your corporate seal embosser, you’ll need to see about business licenses. You'll need to check for the local, city and county business licenses that your corporation may need.