Florida Certificate of Good Standing


Florida Certificate of Good Standing

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A Good Standing Certificate or Florida Certificate of Existence is a document issued by the Florida Department of State. Having this document certifies that you are in “good standing” with the state. This means that your business exists, that it meets all Florida state requirements, and that the state has approved your business to transact business within Florida state lines.


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What does it take to qualify for a Florida Good Standing Certificate?

Your entity must have:


  • Registered (as a domestic or foreign business entity) with the State of Florida.
  • Filed all annual reports mandated by the State of Florida.
  • Paid all fees and taxes owed to the State of Florida.


Looking for additional state documents such as amendments or articles? SunDoc Filings can help. Simply head to our Certified Docs page.

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How to Qualify a Florida Corporation in a Separate State


Florida entities like LLCs and corporations need to “foreign qualify” in each additional state that they want to transact business in. Foreign qualifying will enable a Florida entity to be a legal business in another state and to be qualified to do business there.

Each state has different qualification guidelines to issue its certificate of authority. Most often a Good Standing Certificate is part of the requirements.

This process generally involves producing a Certificate of Good Standing for the other state. With that said, all states have different qualification guidelines. At SunDoc Filings, we can retrieve and file documents in any state. To learn more and retrieve your desired documents, simply go to our qualification page.

Please note that certain states may offer both a short and long form Good Standing Certificate. Additionally, in different states, you may find that the Certificate of Good Standing is called by other names:


  •    Letter of Good Standing
  •    Certificate of Existence
  •    Certificate of Fact
  •    Certificate of Authority
  •    Certificate of Authorization


Definitions: Administratively or Involuntarily Dissolved or Revoked

To be in good standing, your entity must be active. The state can suspend your entity for various reasons. You may hear these terms:

  • Administration Dissolution or Revocation
  • Involuntary Dissolution or Revocation

If a domestic entity fails to file a necessary annual report, Florida law calls to dissolve it. This is Administrative Dissolution.


For a foreign entity, Florida will revoke its certificate of authority to do business. This is Administrative Revocation.


Previous Florida law called these dissolutions and revocations "Involuntary" rather than "Administrative. The two terms have the same meaning: the entities are no longer active in the State of Florida's records.


Dissolved and revoked business entities may reinstate themselves. The process involves filing a reinstatement application and paying the applicable fees. The reinstatement relates back to the dissolution or revocation. It takes effect on the effective date of the reinstatement.




Important Certificate of Good Standing Information



A scanned copy of your document will be sent to you by email as soon as we receive it from state. Florida state will not provide hard copies of documents. Please remember that state offices will be closed during state holidays and weekends, so delivery will not include these times.


Top reasons for needing a Good Standing Certificate:

  • Qualifying for the authority to do business in another state
  • Registering your entity in another state
  • Becoming licensed in specialized industries
  • Meeting requirements for obtaining loans or lines of credit


The Certificate of Good Standing is an official one-page document that is generally issued by the Florida Secretary of State. This means that the document will bear the Secretary of State office seal — unless another state agency issues the document.


You may see a Certificate of Good Standing called a Certificate of Status, a Certificate of Authority, or a Certificate of Existence. Having this document ensures that you are a legal entity registered with the state of Florida and that your entity is in compliance with all state requirements.


The Secretary of State will issue a Certificate of Good Standing to any profit or nonprofit, foreign or domestic entity as long as it was formed or duly registered within the state of Florida.

To receive a Florida Certificate of Good Standing your entity must be:

  • Registered in the State of Florida to do business.
  • Compliant with state regulations.
  • Not suspended for any reason. 


SunDoc Filings can retrieve Florida Good Standing Certificates for the following entities:

  • Corporation
  • Limited Liability Company 
  • Limited Liability Partnership 
  • Limited Partnership/General Partnership


Other names used in the states for Good Standing Certificates:

  • Certificate of Existence
  • Letter of Good Standing
  • Certificate of Fact
  • Certificate of Authorization
  • Certificate of Authority