How do you obtain copies of business entity documents from the California Secretary of State?


1. First, here is a list of all the different types of filed business documents the state has to offer:


  1. Formation Documents (Corporations, LLCs, Partnerships, Non-Proft)
  2. Amendments
  3. Certificates of Status (Good Standing or Suspension)
  4. Mergers or Conversions
  5. Statement of Information (Annual Report)
  6. Dissolution Documents
  7. All of the above

2. Second, you must choose certified or plain copies:

  • A plain copy is a photocopy of the original filed documents. 
  • A certified copy is an additional $5 state fee and it is photocopy of the filed documents with a manually placed certification stamp on the back of the final page of the document in the lower right-hand corner. This stamp contains the date the copy of the document was certified, the signature of the California Secretary of State, and the California State Seal. Within the same area there will be a handwritten number signifying how many pages are being certified, as well as the initials of the deputy who is certifying the document.
  • Certified copies are generally needed in court, to obtain insurance, open bank accounts, or many other reasons. It is highly recommended that you check with the requesting agency to clarify whether or not they need certified copies prior to placing your order in order to save you time and money!

Note:  All Good Standing Certificates are certified


3. Third, requesting the documents:
You may mail to the state for the documents by going online and printing the appropriate forms and writing the correct amount on a check.  This may take several weeks.


For faster service, you can use a service company located in Sacramento like SunDoc Filings.  We request the information through the state’s counter service.  This dramatically speeds up the process.  You can save weeks off the turnaround time.  Good standing can be completed the next day!



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*NOTE: Service fees are per entity name. Our state fees include up to 3 pages; if additional pages are on file, there will be an additional fee for the copies


Routine: 5-10 Business Days
Certificate of Status Rush: Next Business Day