California Corporate Reinstatement: Revive (Reinstate) a Corporation or LLC in California

California Reinstatement Guidelines and Procedures

If your entity has been suspended by California, it usually means you either did not file an annual report, have unpaid taxes or have penalties due, or any combination thereof. SunDoc Filings can assist you in reinstating your company quickly with the State by following the steps listed below:

Steps for Corporate Revival

Step 1:
Establish which agency suspended the corporation and why  

Contact the California Franchise Tax Board and the Secretary of State to find out which agency suspended your company.  They will provide you with your company's revivor requirements. We have listed the contact numbers on the right.

Step 2: 
SunDoc Filings can help expedite your revivor 

Call us to discuss your revivor and our fees at 888.595.2747. We will explain how we can expedite the process.  We can save you weeks by hand delivering the documents to the state.


Step 3: 
File required documents with the suspending agency


Step 4: 
Corporation is Revived 

Once all the paperwork is filed and taxes have been paid, the Secretary of State and Franchise Tax Board will reinstate your company. If you require a Good Standing Certificate, we can do that for you as well.  



California Agency Contact Information

Franchise Tax Board (FTB)
     Any US entity type:  888.635.0494
     Entities outside US:  916.845.7033


California Secretary of State:  916.657.3537


Common Reasons for Suspension

California Secretary of State's office:

  • Failure to file and pay the annual Statement of Information.
  • Failure to file a Statement of Information on time may results in a $250 late fee. In addition, the California Franchise Tax Board may assess interest on the $250 late fee.

California Franchise Tax Board's office:

  • Failure to pay the minimum tax of $800 a year (assessed after the first year) or failure to pay any taxes that are owed.
  • Failure to file tax returns. Tax returns are required annually regardless of whether the corporation was doing business or not.
  • Failure to file the Statement of Information with the California Secretary of State, which resulted in a $250 late fee that has accrued interest.

NOTE: A corporation can be suspended by the Secretary of State ONLY, the Franchise Tax Board ONLY, or both the Secretary of State AND the Franchise Tax Board.



Frequently Asked Questions for Suspended Entities




What does it mean for my company if I’m suspended?

When a corporation's status is suspended, the corporation has lost all its rights and privileges as a corporation and cannot legally operate. California Corporations can achieve good standing status, but first they must be revived. Two powers have the authority to suspend and revive a corporation. The first being the California Secretary of State's office and the second being the California Franchise Tax Board. In many cases, a Statement of Information must be filed for revival. We can file the document on an expedited basis and upon filing we can obtain a Notice of Revivor for your records. 


If the corporation is suspended by the Secretary of State and the Franchise Tax Board, the Franchise Tax Board will require a Proposed Letter of Relief of Suspension at the time of filing the Statement of Information.  We can obtain that for you when we file your Statement of Information. Just make sure to let us know in advance that your corporation is suspended. 


Can I file the Statement of Information on-line on the Secretary of State's website?

Yes, you can but you will not receive a file stamped copy NOR a Notice of Revivor NOR a Proposed Letter of Relief of Suspension.  You MUST have either document or the Franchise Tax Board will NOT revive the corporation.  Once the Statement of Information is filed, you will need to send or fax the Proposed Letter of Relief to the Franchise Tax Board. We highly recommend that you work with the same agent at the Franchise Tax Board throughout the revival process.  You will also have to complete a Certificate of Revivor. Most often the FTB agent will fax you all the required forms, but if they don't, ask them specifically which forms they need and you can download the forms from their website at