Dissolve a Limited Liability Company in California - Submit Online Today

File a dissolution for an LLC in California - $99 (plus state fees)

SunDoc Filings can help file to dissolve an LLC by filing the California LLC cancellation and LLC dissolution documents with the California Secretary of State on a routine or expedited basis in Sacramento.  


24 Hour Service Available


Step 1: Verify Entity Status (must be in good standing).  


Step 2: Complete the state form and obtain signatures.  

Select correct form on right.


Step 3: Upload to SunDoc Filings for prompt filing.  

Filing will be submitted the same day if received by 3 p.m. PST.





Our Review Procedure:  Verifying that the following is present: completed cancellation form, counter sheet, check to the Secretary of State office.


Our fee includes: Providing the form for you to download, preparing the required state counter form to accompany your document(s), making required copies, write the required state check, filing your document in person in Sacramento (file cancellation, file dissolution), picking up the filed document when the Secretary of State has finished processing it, obtaining one uncertified copy of your filing, emailing the document to you, and forwarding the copy via regular mail. 


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NOTE: We cannot review any document for legal errors as we are not a law firm and therefore unable to give legal advice.

The SunDoc Filings California Advantage


  • We visit the Secretary of State three times per day
  • No expedite fees for same day submission
  • Most filing companies mail in your filings 

State LLC Forms - Please Select Correct Form


How old is the LLC? - If the LLC is less than one year old and has never conducted any business, complete a Short Form Certificate of Cancellation (other restrictions apply; see state form instructions).   

Short Form Certificate of Cancellation


If the LLC is older than a year or it has conducted business, do not use the Short Form Dissolution form. Instead, choose from a form below.

Certificate of Canellation form LLC-4/7


Use form LLC-4/7 Certificate of Cancellation only if:


The LLC has a sole member, or if the decision to dissolve was made by the vote of all the members.


The LLC is a foreign (formed in another state or country) to cancel the LLC-5 (Application for Registration).


Use form LLC-4/7 Certificate of Cancellation AND LLC-3 Certificate of Dissolution if the vote to dissolve was NOT unanimous. After the form is completed, e-mail or upload the state LLC cancellation form and LLC dissolution form to us.

Certificate of Cancellation form LLC-4/7 & form LLC-3


California State Fees

State fee: $15.00 (counter fee)

24 Hour Rush: $350



                       California LLC Dissolution Filing Tips



    What are the benefits of having SunDoc Filings' file my cancellation document vs. sending the dissolution documents directly to the Secretary of State? Presenting the documents in person allows the paperwork to be processed in 7-10 business days (sometimes a little longer if submitted after December 1st due to increased state volume). If for any reason your document is rejected, you will be notified immediately and will have a chance to correct the document and resubmit it within 72 hours to save your dissolution date. Additional state and services fees will apply to all rejected documents. If you mail the documents directly to the state, it can take 8-10 weeks for your document to be processed. If it is rejected, you may not know until 2-3 months after you sent it to the Secretary of State for processing. Finding out that your document has been rejected after the new year begins means that you will have to pay another $800 minimum tax payment before you can close your entity.


    To avoid document rejection, confirm that the Statement of Information is current - You may call the Secretary of State at 916-653-3365 if you would like to file the Statement of information on your own. All new LLCs' must file a Statement of Information within 90 days and then every other year after that. If a Statement of Information is not current, a new one must be filed before the LLC can be dissolved. Make sure that the member or manager that is planning on signing the dissolution paperwork is listed on current Statement of Information. We can obtain a copy of a Statement of Information or file a current Statement of Information on an expedited basis for additional state and service fees if needed.


    • The member or manager that is signing the cancellation/ dissolution document must be listed on the most current statement of information
    • If the member or manager is a business entity and not a natural person, the signature must resemble the following:

    Example 1: Member/Manager is a corporation named ABC Inc. and the person signing is the President. Sign as: John Doe, President on behalf of ABC Inc., Member.


    Example 2: Member/Manager is another LLC named ABC LLC and the person signing is the Member or Manager. Sign as: John Doe, Manager on behalf of ABC LLC, Manager.


    For questions about preparing the form, we suggest contacting the Secretary of State at 916-653-3365. 


    SunDoc filings cannot answer specific or hypothetical tax questions about an LLC. Please call the Franchise Tax Board about any tax questions or visit their website.


    SunDoc Filings provides the above information for general guideline purposes only, it is not intended to replace professional legal, financial or tax advice. Please retain the services of lawyer or accountant to obtain current, complete and accurate information and professional recommendations pertinent to your specific business situation.